Write To Us

ASASI provides 2 channels to receive submissions.

1. You can email us at editor.asasikini@gmail.com.

Writing Guidelines –
Wordcount: 1000
Format: Arial, size 11
Layout: Headings are recommended
Document: Google Document is preferable
Citations: Hyperlinks are preferable (our format is unable to accommodate footnotes)

Please also provide us with a maximum of 80-word profile about yourself. This will be attached at the end of your writing.

If you would like to be tagged on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please provide your username, preferably the link to your profile for certainty.

Article Example: Part I – Quick Recap of Attitude Towards Queerness in Malaysia

2. Alternatively, we have a channel to receive submissions anonymously.

You can do so here.

You will only need to fill in your pseudonym. As the platform does not allow hyperlinks as citations, we strongly encourage references at the end of your article as end notes. This is so that our editors can check the accuracy of the factual claims made.

Article example: The Rohingyas – The way we treat them is a reflection of our character than it is of theirs

We understand the sensitivity and need for privacy expressing certain thoughts, hence this is the recommended platform in such circumstance.

As with any newspaper, submission does not equal publication. While we promote free speech, we will not post submissions that abuse this freedom i.e. unsubstantiated and/or inflammatory claims and hate speech.