Initiatives & Campaigns

While human rights can be easy to understand in a generalistic sense, ASASI focus on getting into the nitty-gritty details of it – shining a light on topics that often are overlooked or needing a further breakdown of. Here are all the initiatives and campaigns ASASI has worked on over the years. Keep updated with any new campaigns by us on our socials, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Campaigns 2020/2021

Access to Justice | Marginalised Communities: Prisoners

As cases of alleged police misconduct come to the forefront right now in Malaysia, we must not ignore how prisoners are treated while in detainment.

Here is the introduction to our second portion of our Access to Justice campaign wholly on and about prisoners and their rights.

Access to Justice | Marginalised Communities: Migrant Workers

None of us are truly living in a just society until the most vulnerable communities within society are treated with the fairness that they truly deserve. Migrant workers are the backbone underpinning our local community but are never paid the dues they need and deserve. 

As such, as those who undoubtedly have more privilege, we must do what we can in our power and fight tirelessly to raise awareness on the issues that migrants face for simply trying to survive and remind ourselves that #MigranJugaManusia.

Malaysia’s Women Minorities: Representation In Politics

The representation of minorities in politics, particularly minority women has been an underwhelming aspect of the social justice system for nations across the world.

Despite the achievements that have been accomplished by democratically elected minority women as leaders all around the world, there still seems to be an undermining of the ability of women to execute political duties in a manner that is well respected.

This issue is prevalent in Malaysia, which leads to a lack of minority women representation.

Therefore, there is a need to bridge this unequal gap among the majority and minority, specifically minority women to further aid in fairer, more equitable policy making.