Access to Justice: Marginalised Communities [Migrant Workers] Access to Justice: Marginalised Communities [Prisoners] Campaign 2020/2021 Our Initiatives & Campaigns

Access to Justice | Marginalised Communities Campaign Introduction

ASASI is excited to announce the start of our new Campaign on Access to Justice: Marginalised Communities!

Acknowledged or not, discrimination against marginalised communities is prevalent in Malaysia. Often subjected to abhorrent behaviour by authorities all whilst being treated with little to no empathy. This has been shown to how these groups have been treated during the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

Due to this, there is a need to educate and spread awareness amongst the youth and general public on the rights of these groups in order to encourage advocacy and justice for these groups.

Join us in a fruitful discussion with our panelists by representatives and advocates of these groups over the course of the next few weeks!

Keep posted on our social media pages to check out what is going on for that particular week and sign up for our speaker series and Google Forms for you to ask your questions.

Watch our Migrant Workers Zoom Webinar here.

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