Campaign 2019/2020

Pathways to : Education Equality & A Career in Human Rights

ASASI Initiative Pathways
Date: 7 March (Saturday)
Time: 10 AM – 12:30 PM

The human rights & activism wing (ASASI) of the United Kingdom Malaysian Law Students’ Association (KPUM) is hosting ASASI Pathways, an event that consists of two distinctive human rights-focused panels:

In line with KPUM ASASI’s ongoing Education Campaign and the ASASI Internship programme, ASASI Pathways aims to raise awareness on education inequality in Malaysia and to give insight to Malaysian law students about a career in human rights and activism.

The first panel, titled “Pathways to Education Equality,” will discuss the challenges to achieving education equality, the relationship between human rights and education inequality, and the possible legal solutions to this pressing issue. This will be a great opportunity to learn from specialists working on the ground with communities such as the Orang Asli about their experience fighting on the front lines for the right of all Malaysian children to have access to quality education.

The second portion of ASASI Pathways is dedicated to a sharing session with professionals working in the field of human rights and activism, who will discuss “Pathways to Careers in Human Rights and Activism”. This session will be an invaluable opportunity to speak directly to individuals who have dedicated their professional careers to important human rights issues, and to ask about their personal career trajectories and any advice they may have for young people who are interested in entering this line of work.

All speakers are experienced specialists and activists from various NGOs. Our panelists are from the following organisations:

1. Teach For Malaysia (TFM) – An NGO which specializes in education inequality among Malaysian students.

2. MCCHR – An NGO established in 2011 with the aim of protecting and promoting human rights in Malaysia.

3. EMPOWER – An NGO which works towards women’s political equality at all levels.

4. C4 – Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism, upholds the principles of good governance – clean, competent, conscious and credible.

Speaker profiles will be released closer to the event date! Click ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ to keep updated on the event details.

Join us if you are a human rights and activism enthusiast. Come along and bring your friends too! This event is free of charge.

We thank the speakers for spending their Saturday to share their knowledge and experience to fellow law students!

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