Campaign 2019/2020

Orang Asli Campaign 2020 Infographics

Over the past five months, ASASI has condensed pages of research into a structured and concise infographic as part of our Orang Asal campaign which aims to introduce students and spirited Malaysians to the issues facing our fellow countrymen. We address 4 issues as part of this campaign (which are by no means an exhaustive list of issues.

Take a look!

Disclaimer: While we hope that you are inspired and enlightened by every bit of knowledge available, these infographics should in no case be constituted as legal advice.

1) Who are the Orang Asal? (Photos 1-2)

2) The laws governing and protecting the Orang Asal (Photos 3-4)

3) Orang Asal and Development (Photos 5-6)


4) Orang Asal and Climate Change (Photos 7-10)

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