Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Malaysia

How many, amongst all in our country, are aware that these migrants who happen to live around us fall prey to exploitation by their employers for the purpose of commercial sexual work and forced labour every single day?


The Status of Refugees in Malaysia

In 2015, Al-Jazeera published an article with interviews with various refugees who seem to allude to the idea that Malaysia has a “two-tier system” for refugees – choosing to warmly welcome some while shunning the others. It is hard not to agree.

LGBTQ in Malaysia p.2 – Focus on transgender people

Lily is a Thai national visiting Kuantan who had been assaulted by a group of youths armed with steel rods and hockey sticks. The viral photo was of her shaven head, covered in huge, grotesque scars with multiple stitches. Lily is transgender. Unfortunately, her story is only one of the many.